What language is best to use if you start your automation journey now? C# vs VB.Net?

We´re in the beginning of our automation process with UiPath and trying to decide what language we should use. What disadvantages/advantages is there when using C#.

Since Microsoft says VB.NET isn´t going to be updated with new function in the future, it seems like the way to go is using C#. But if I´ve understood it correctly, UiPath is using an old version of C# (version 5). Is there any plans on upgrading C# in UiPath?

What language is the smartest way to go if we starts now? Any thoughts?

Hey @christel.andersson , Welcome to the Community.

Since UiPath is built on VB.Net & if you are to choose between VB.Net & C#, it’s recommended to go with VB.Net. Although most of the functions are compatible with both, it is easy to cope with the activities while using methods/functions from VB.Net.

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UiPath is not built on VB.NET. Most of the code is written in C#, not that it matters since they are both .NET language. I do not know where you get this assertion from.

I would highly recommend C#, VB.NET is in my opinion a dead language and its syntax is worse than C#.
Additionally if you need to write any code its much much easier to find reference material on C#.

Start with C#, there are no limitations against VB.NET and you’ll just have a smoother coding experience.

@Jon_Smith , you can refer to the link.

That topic is also incorrect then.

Examine the available source code yourself if you like. The UiPath developers write everything in C#.

If I were you I would go for C#.

VB.Net will no longer have new feauters added to it, but it will still be supportet by Microsoft for the forseeable future. But appart from that there really is no advantage going VB.Net over C# (that I can think of anyways). For me the syntax in C# is just cleaner.

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