Programming language

Hi all,
i am new to the UiPath, which programming language is requred for working in UiPath

Hello @Kumar_Thouta

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The UiPath is built on top of VB.Net. However, recently they also introduced the ability to code using C#, but this feature is still on testing phase. So for now, the main language is

If you are familiar with either language, it would be easy for you… :slight_smile:


thanks for the resply Fernando,

i don’t have any knowledge on, but i am familiar with Python.
does python useful?

Python is useful as well to perform various different activities, like data analytics etc. However, most of the tasks are done through Since most of the activities are drag and drop style, there is very less coding unless you got to perform very serious logic with some code. So, knowing the basics would help you to go ahead with UiPath…

Try to get some basic knowledge through online free tutorials :slight_smile:


thanks for the explaination

No worries :smiley:


Hello Fernando,

Can we use python exeprassions insted of VB.NET in UIPATH?

Well, you can use python to perform different tasks using activities specific to Python, but I don’t think you can do everything using Python because the main language used in UiPath is


@Kumar_Thouta since its been more than a year, what language(s) did you end up learning for UiPath?