Which programming Language suits the best to Uipath!

Hello Everyone!!

I’m Basically a java developer and hands on working experience with python too!!

so here my question I have two questions,

  1. whether I can use/is any way to use java or python scripts directly as we are using Vb6, vb.net expressions inside assign activity or other activity

2: which Language I can learn to become an effective Uipath developer!!

Thanks & Best Wishes
Aditya prakash

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  1. uipath has some activties like run python script which allow you to use python.

  2. c#, vbnet

Hi Tiberiu,

thanks for your Response!!
i’m using run python activity but my question is, whether we can write python codes inside activities like: Assign, type into, write Line etc

and 2nd, whether we can use both C# and vb.net inside activity like Assign, write line or only vb.net
as i’m not able to differentiate between both scrips as of now!


you can not use python in activities like assign or write line.

when it comes to c# and vb net i see, from my little experience, that they share pretty much the same methods.

also, invoke code activity uses only vbnet

with c# you can create your own activties.

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