Which Courses are a prerequisite/must before attempting Certification?


I have completed the foundation training and am halfway through the orchestrator training. I have tried several hands on things in Studio to get practice with various aspects of the UIPath tool. Can someone guide me on what topics/trainings should be completed before attempting the certification? I want to try and get certified before the 31st, when the free certification ends.


Definitely take the Level 3 - Advanced Training . :slight_smile:


You should complete Level 3 - Advanced Training in Academy first then only you can get about REFramework and other things etc… These skills will help you to pass the Certification easily and without this it will be very difficult to clear that certification.

Thanks folks!

Looks like I won’t be able to complete it in time, but good to know that Level 3 is a requirement.

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Hello @Aalok_Pandit just wanted to let you know that the free Advanced RPA developer certification offered by UiPath has been moved until March 31 2020. So you’ll still have time.
Good luck and Happy learning!

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