How to get the advanced certification?

Hello All
I have completed the free courses in UiPath Academy but when i was searching for the advanced certification I couldnot find it anywhere. Please help me out with a detailed solution.
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Abhishek Kavalla

In order to enroll RPA Developer Advanced Training you need to contact UiPath Sales department.

The guy with Advance certification @aksh1yadav:v: Any word…

@ddpadil In the UIpath academy there is a module for advance Certification,Is this the same certification you are talking about?

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Sreekanth K


Follow Below thread : -

Here with link you will find about the process which i had earlier :slight_smile:


Hello Akshay, I would like to know if we need the orchestrator for Completing the workflows mentioned in the advanced training? I haven’t yet begun the advanced training but saw that there are two workflows that have to be developed.

What are the pre-requisites for the same? Also, my project doesn’t have an orchestrator license hence is my concern.

Hi @ashutoshkhantwal

You can access the Orchestrator platform for the community at :slight_smile:

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