Basic prerequisites needed for RPA Advanced Developer Certification

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I am new to RPA . I wanted to obtain RPA Advanced Developer Certification . Can someone guide me on what courses do I need to finish in UIPath Academy to become proficient to attempt the Certification exam . The portal seems to little confusing . It would be helpful if someone could list out the courses that needs to be done right from the beginning

Hai @laxmannagasaiboddu… Welcome to the UI community… In UiPth Academy…
First u need to done foundation training to become Junior robot
And Orchestrator training to become Robot Apprentice
Finally Advanced Develpor certification to become Robot Master
One more thing advanced developer certification only free until April 30th ,2020…
( It will helps For Advanced Develpor certification


Thanks @Nandhuba . Could you please specify the courses to be completed for foundation training , Orchestrator training and for Robot Master . I am unable to locate the exact courses

There will be three levels in uipath

Go to uipath academy website you will find the courses


Complete following training.

Level 1: UiPath Academy
Level 2: UiPath Academy
Level 3: UiPath Academy

Once you complete above courses then go for certification:
Link for certification:

Please note that certification is free till 30-Apr-2020.

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Thanks Alot @Bhavik_Solanki . Its really helpful .I will go ahead and finish them :slight_smile: :star_struck:

I highly recommend Bryan Lamb’s RPA courses. You can find them on Udemy.

Thank you @octechnologist

Much appreciated :slight_smile: I will be updating them soon to try to capture some of the fast moving new features & UI changes, etc.

Many have commented that my courses made the learning curve much easier and made the difference in truly feeling confident to do real work.

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