Need to Knows for Advanced RPA Developer Certification

I just started UI Path, just finished the starters course and now enrolled in the developers course.
I have a java background.
When browsing the free courses I noticed that the Advanced RPA developer certification is free untill december 31th of this year, so I signed up right away. I actually thought it was a course to prepare you for the exam, but it’s the exam itself.
I realize I’m not ready yet to take the exam, so my question is what are the need to knows or courses to follow before taking the exam?

There is an advanced training on the uipath academy ( Level 3 - RPA Developer Advanced Training) - approx 40-50 hours course.

You need to complete level 1 (Basic) and level 2 (Orchestrator) before being able to do level 3 on


Thanks for the info Timothy


Welcome to community, just enjoy some video tutorial and you will pass the exam…

Happy learnings


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