Where do I increase the Transcation Number, Advanced Training

I’m totally confused with the logic of the ReFramework. I’m currently at the first assignment when you need to extract data from the ACME System 1 and generate hash codes.

In the GetTranscationData, in the “then” section of the “if” part, I create two assigns: out_transactionItem to the proper row and out_transactionID to the proper column. Where do I increase the TransactionNumber cause the loop works infinitely.

You do not need to increase the transaction number, it automatically gets incremented by the framework once the transaction is successful

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@PrankurJoshi but it works endlessly when I try to test it. I haven’t done the SHA1 part, I’m just at the stage of extracting data. It extracts data, good, but the program doesn’t stop working.

It means it got stuck somewhere. Log messages in start and end of every workflow this will help you to pin point the error location. Can you send me the screenshot of exception?

@PrankurJoshi There are no exceptions. It’s just a loop that never stops :slight_smile:

Hmmm so log messages while you are invoking workflows they will let us know where is the issue

@PrankurJoshi I don’t see any parts of the program where it increases the number :frowning: I pass the “TranscationNumber” to the “in_TranscationNumber”. How is it supposed to be increased if I don’t return the current value?

Go to SetTransactionStatus.xaml, there you will see the transaction number getting increased.

@Niket_Ghai, Funny because in the beginning of the guide it was said to delete all the three activities in the workflow :smiley:

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@Niket_Ghai, could you please tell me where the SetTranscationStatus in the Main workflow is being invoked? Spent an hour searching for it…

Found it, sorry


saved my day - was beating around the bush all the times. best example to understand the framework first!

that will have to depends, if hes working on assignment 1 then he has to do it manually, assignment 2 same logic for dispatcher, only the performer for assignment 2 does not need any manual increment.