Assignment 1 Transaction Error

Transaction number doesnt change and it takes the same data and generates hash of that same data in the SHA1 Online Website and updates it in a loop

also i saw a thread similar to my problem

still no fix

Can you check the Set Transaction Status workflow. That is where the transaction number will be incremented.

@KarthikByggari yes karthik please check if i have made any mistake

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From your screenshot, I don’t see the true condition branches. Please add the true condition, that is where the transaction number will increase. Please refer to the REF. I have attached my workflow for the same.

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (47.1 KB)


@KarthikByggari yed karthik i deleted all the three activities as in the pdf it was stated “Remove the three SetTransactionStatus activities from the SetTransactionStatus
workflow as we are not using the transaction functionality provided by
Orchestrator” so i deleted those activities should include them in my workflow?

They stated to delete the activity Set Transaction Status, not the complete branches. Please refer the attached workflow for a clear idea.

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@KarthikByggari just added a true branch and it worked and i was navigated to different persons details but the problem is my workflow is still taking the first name and copying it to the SHA 1 online and generating hash of the same person

If it is navigating then check whether you are assigning the client details variables properly or not. Just debug and see where it is going wrong.

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@KarthikByggari okay will do that Thank You So Much for helping me Karthik Thanx a lot :slight_smile:

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