Where to increment TransactionNumber?

I have finished all of the trainings, and I did not know exactly where I should increment the TransactionNumber variable. This seems like something that should automatically happen within the ReFramework, but it does not appear so. It feels like it should be incremented after a successful completion of a process, but then any error would cause it to not increment, potentially creating an infinite loop.

I eventually landed on setting the initial value of TransactionNumber to zero and then incrementing as the first thing within Get Transaction Data. This seemed like the clearest, surest way that it would get done. How do you guys handle it?

In Re-Framework , it is Set transaction Status. Please go through the Xaml file you will find it.


SetTransactionStatus would only be used when using Queue items however, and, when you’re manually incrementing the TransactionNumber, it’s because you’re not using the Queue, like in the case of a dispatcher that’s appending to the Queue. In the tutorials, it’ll even specifically state to disable SetTransactionStatus as it is not needed in those cases.

It says disable Set transaction activity not the whole state.

You need to disable the set transaction status activity only, please refer to screenshot.

Oh man, I just went and re-read the Calculate Client Security Hash walkthrough notes, and I think you’re right. It’s really vague in terms of what you’re disabling. That’s a pain and a half. There’s really no better way of handling that than making people change it if they’re not dealing with Queue items?

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