What is the Package name of Excel Range to Image activity?

mention the Correct package name for the mentioned activity

Are you looking for this?

We would assume that this package is offered for Legacy but not for Windows compatibility

Yes can you please tell me the full name of the package


what we have to mention in output image Option…If i give the file location it showing that strings are not allowed


It will return the image as of a datatype of System.Drawing.Image

then how to give its path of the output

you will save the image (when this was looked for) by using this activity


is windows legacy projects will not work in future, it is advisable to do project in windows compatability

About the need have a look here

Hi @Gopikrishna_S

We are unable to install the excel range to image package in windows. It was compatible for window legacy only.

Hope it helps!!

Yes, was mentioned above:

Yes @ppr . That was absolutely correct.

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The initial question about the package name was answered. Additionally, it was cleared, that this package is not available for Windows compatibility.

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