Excel Range to Image

Hi All, @Blesslin,

Would someone please help how to use the Excel Range To Image activity.

I have downloaded the package for ExcelRangeToImage but its not giving the results as expected.

Excel Range to Image - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Currently the after converting the excel range to image the following image has been saved without any data.

Would you please help us to solve this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind reply.


@vishnu5 ,

This can be done in UiPath with SendHotKeys - try with this, open the excel file using the Excel application scope and select the range you want to copy as image. Then use these keys Alt + H F S in SendHotkey activity, that will open the Excel’s “Copy Picture” popup. Then use as per your need.

Select a cell, a range or an object, press the Alt key and release it before you press H, C, P and Enter.