Copy Selected range from excel and paste to ppt using uipath package

Hello, I was trying to get solution how I can copy selected range from an excel and paste it as Image in Shield of PowerPoint using UiPath.presentation.activity. Can any one help me in getting solution of this?

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To read a specific range u can use READ RANGE activity where specific the range you want and get the output as a datatable

You can use this activity to include datatable to slide

If as an image

And insert with

Hope this helps

Cheers @aditi.bhatt

Hi @aditi.bhatt ,

If you would require it as an Image, a component is available but uses Windows Legacy compatibility :

Hello Team, thank You for your assistance, that package help me in achieving my goal in my code partially.
But here also I am facing some issue in selecting specific sheet. As there is no option of selecting sheet name. it randomly taking any sheet from the given excel file. which is again an issue. kindly help me in that case.

@aditi.bhatt ,

Could you specify which package was the one used and checked? So that we could also check with and provide you with alternate methods if possible using that package.