What is difference between element exist and check app state

Is there any major difference here

Hey @jrin3753

It’s actually the same, with some few minor feature difference

Element exist comes in classic activities

Check app state comes in modern design

In classic visibility check is not possible…u have to with different activity

Both output returns Boolean value and are use to check a specific element whether it exists or not

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So we can use any one right , I taught they have some major differenced


One is a modern activity and other is classic

Bot much of difference but one major change is …element exists cannot work for verifying the visibility of the element but check app state can be used to check the visibility of the element as well

In classic for checking visibility we had to use find element activity

Hope this helps



There is far more to Check App State than returning a boolean value. I actually rarely use it to return a boolean. It has internal branches like an if/then which allow you to perform certain actions if the element exists (or doesn’t). It also has the ability to wait for an element to disappear, not just appear. The selectors are far better (because it’s modern) along with being able to check the text of the element and use multiple targeting methods.

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True , but I just meant the output variable type is Boolean

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