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Question on Modern - check app state
How does wait for element appear time work? Suppose I set time for 10 seconds, if element appeared in 2 seconds, will it wait for 10 seconds to complete?

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No. The wait timeout is the maximum time. If the element doesn’t appear within that time, an error is thrown. If it does appear, the automation continues immediately, it doesn’t wait the entire timeout.

its better to use Element Exist Activity
when element will Appear then it will go for further steps


check app state does that as well… its a better version of element exist

it can do everything element exists does, but it has the additional feature of “checking for visibility” which element exist does not have

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As @jack.chan mentioned Check app state is part of the modern experience and can do much more that Element exist.

I also think you cannot have both these activities at the same-time. Activating modern experience will remove element exists activity. (Edited after input from @postwick)

@A_Learner do not worry about the 10 seconds, once the element appears, the activity moves to the True branch of Check App state. In short the time taken would be the system response time of your application or web app to load the target element. Only if the 10 seconds times out will the check app state move to the False branch.

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Thanks @postwick.

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This is incorrect. Check App State works the same way, has additional features, and is the modern activity that replaces Element Exists.

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This is incorrect. You can mix modern and classic activities. With your project set to modern, just go to the Activities tab, click the filter icon, and select “show classic.”

You are correct. Noted. Updated my response.

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