Difference between Element exists , On element appear and find element

HI All,
I know that all 3 activity has nearly same purpose.
1.element exist gives bolean output.it check for element for certain amount of time (30 sec default timeout) and took feather action acc. to the output.
2.On element Appear: wait the element to appear (timeout for waiting). if found then take next action. if not found then i guess it give error.
3.Find element : it gives Ui element as output. and we can check if uielement output is nothing or not for futher action.

On my point of view this three activity are similar. So can anyone help me for best practice or scenario when to use which activity
Can anyone please share more detais. please correct me if i am wrong :slight_smile:

Using Find Element, you could save that UiElement into a variable and other activities like Get Attribute is able to obtain more information from this UiElement.

My use case of Element Exists is that, yes, it gives a boolean value. And then you can decide what to do if or if not. Whereas for Find Element and On Element Appear, your process assumes that this element will definitely appear. Use case of Find Element is for situations where you want to make sure one element of the web page fully loads before you take subsequent actions. Same for On Element Appear I guess, an activity I dont use often.

Hope this helps! Cheers.

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