Difference between Find element and Element Exist

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Difference between Find element and Element Exist.

Where we need to use Find element and where we need to use Element Exist. Give me an example for both activity.


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Both Find Element and Element Exists are belongs to the same Main group Element and Sub Group Find.
Find element Is to Find the Element by a selector, It can wait Specified UI Element gets active and even it can wait the Specified UI Element Appears physically too (But to an specified extent). Throws an error if the UiElement can not be find.
Returns Ui Elemnet Type Variable.

Element Exists Is to tell us whether the Specified Ui Element does exists or not, Waits for a specified time to check whether it exists or not, if YES or NO it goes to the next activity. Doesn’t throw any error.
Returns Boolean Type Variable.


@jais1609 - Element Exists and Find Element are used based on certain requirements.
To check the specific element exists or not → will user Element Exists activity and it will return Boolean values (True or False)
Find element is to find the element based on provided selector. When the activity find the selector element → It will return the UI element else throws and error…

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