Check app state (modern) vs element exists (classic)

Hi all,

I’m trying to use ‘check app state’ on a website to see if an ‘element exists’… I know it’s still in the classic activities. But my idea was that check app state is ment to replace it.

so the element exists on the page and does not appear when I am running the check app state.
This results in element did not appear within the timeframe? is there anyway arround this? Or should I use the old Element exists? (trying to use the object repository for every element…)
in the object repository it is always working and showing the right element.
(also posted on slack)

EDIT: the issue was with my descriptors in the object repository

Hey @JoVansant

Sorry, I’m not getting this statement.

Kindly explain in detail.


Hello @JoVansant

In the modern design, Check App state has replaced the classic element exists activity.

It is moder accurate than the older one. If you are creating a new process, you can use the Check App state.

Instead if you still want to go with Element exists, you can enable classic activities from the project manager and use the Element exists activity.

Hello @JoVansant

So, you are saying that element that you are looking for does not appears in the application when you are using Check App State Activity. If this the case how about increasing the time out value of Check App State. The default value is 5 seconds you can increase the time out accordingly


Well the page is already fully loaded.
All items are there, but I want to double check if I’m already logged in or not.

the check app state does not trigger as the item is already there and thusforth goes to does not appear.

I will see if I can share the .xaml in the afternoon.

I have recreated file for sharing it here…
and in the new version is no issue with it… :thinking:

so I went back to my library and recreated the descriptor of my screen and of the element itself.
and now it is working…

I remade them 2 or 3 times before posting here and testing.(testing with fuzzy, strict; it was always showing the right element)

the Last time I did it via the UI explorer
removed the first line and saved
<html app=‘msedge.exe’ title=‘IMDb: Ratings, Reviews, and Where to Watch the Best Movies & TV Shows’ />

and now it is working… still need to practice with those it seems…
thanks for helping out everyone. (yes it’s a simple practice library for imdb :wink: )

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