How to stop the robot fromit also saving the changes in the .docx Word template

Hey Guys! I noticed as I followed along with the video example that when the robot execution completed, it not only saved the PDF file, but it also saved the changes in the .docx Word template. Did you all notice the same thing? I don’t think that was the intended result. How do we save the PDF, but leave the template unchanged? Thanks in advance for your comments.


Agreed, I’d also like to know how to save changes into a separate document without overwriting the original template :slight_smile:

Hi… Looks like the solution was given at the end of Week 2 Day 1. You should actually use a “Copy File” activity to create a new Word document with a different name. Then do the replacements in that new document so you don’t overlay the template version. Kind of surprised this was not mentioned, and that nobody else raised this question.


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