Website Inactivity Problem


I’m building an automation to capture leave balances from the company website and input into Excel. The capturing process is fully and works perfectly, but every now and then the website throws an inactive error that signs you out even if the bot is busy. It is random. Is there something I can do to catch this exception, click stay logged on and continue where the bot left off before the error.


Hey @irshaadessop

So you need to click on Stay Logged On after the inactivity log out happens ?


Hello @irshaadessop

Is this issue happening on some particular page? Or is it random?

Any way you can put the workflow inside a try-catch block and if the exception happens can redirect the flow to initialization. Better to use Re-framework.


So first a Message Box telling you that it will log you out in 120 sec, it gives you 2 options. You need to click stay logged on so that it does not log you out of the session.

HI @irshaadessop

You can use a global handler whenever it logs out and add steps to login back in the global handler. That is one way .

Another is to add some click or random activity in your flow at multiple points to keep the UI Active

Hope this helps


You see I thought about that, but will the robot be able to continue where it the error stopped, as the process runs in a for each loop. I am not sure how to use ReFramework yet, but will attempt to use it.

I will try the second option and see if that works with Hardware events input, as all of the inputs are using Chromium API

Hi @irshaadessop

Yes you have to use a hardware input or try using move hover if there are any pop ups that come up even that will have the session active. But yes hardware clicks are best you can choose a text field or a static field and keep clicking on it whenever needed

Global handler on the other hand will handle and start the process from where it failed in your process block

Hope this solves your issue. Else happy to help


Global Exception Handler will be a good fit for this alternatively it can be parallel activity.


The hardware inputs, didn’t not work, the Global exception handler did, but I need to retry the previous activity before the exception and not the activity that threw the exception otherwise the automation stops everytime

Hi @irshaadessop

Thats typical… so let me give you another way which fits this…

Use a parallel activity with one side being a while loop on the do not signout button…and on other side give all other steps in sequence…

Then ideally whenever you see a pop…you can click because your parallel activity will be always looking for the window…make sure to check continue on error in your click activity because it has a timeout so in loop it should not fail


I would recommend using Global handler it will act as a parallel activity