Error handling: system logout issue (at random) / login and continue work


I am having an issue with handling a log out error. I am working within a legacy system, where I select an item within a drop down and then click a download button to download a report. I carry out this action hundreds of time but I can only complete 50% of the downloads.

The system is setup to logout after a period of time which prevents me from continuing my loop.

Could anyone suggest how I can resolve this issue? Essentially, I need to log back into the system if I am logged out and pick up where I left off in the drop down.

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You can develop a workflow responsible for checking the status of the app. And by that follow a given action, like Login again, or keep the session open.
And then you call that workflow whenever a exception happens

Does the system logout when there is not interaction for a certain period or it logs you out regardless if you keep the session active?

The system appears to logout at random after about 3 hours. This has happened during numerous tests.

Lucas, Thank you for your reply. Could you elaborate on your solution? I am not sure how to begin implementing this. Additionally, I am not sure how I can ensure that the workflow will pick up where it left off previously.

I like to do one Workflow that accept as an input an action.
Inside this workflow, a switch case where we use this ‘action’ to take actions inside the system.

If you know that the system suffers a logout time from time, you can develop a action to check the logon status, another to login and logout, and another action to keep the session open (maybe clicking in a button, its depends on the system).
Try to approach this as if your robot is repsonsible to control the system, and not that your robot take action based on the system changes .

I found another related support article but I could use deeper instruction. I am not sure if the support article found below will be sufficient for my advanced case.

The challenging part is to pick up where I left off when I log back in.

I believe the answer to my question is to use a catch block. This is a method of error handling in UI Path. I am still working to figure out how to use the feature.

I just wanted to follow up to confirm that the Try Catch activity did work to solve my log out issue. My workflow became extremely complex but it does appear to work.