Logging back into a portal whenever it logs me out

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I am currently running an automation with UiPath community version on a portal. Doing some basic downloading of data. The automation works great and as intended, my only snag is that the portal I am automating decides to log me out randomly over the course of a run (generally lasting 2-5 hours). I have the automation set up so that there is very little “down time” that might cause my login session to time out. I think the site just logs me out after a certain period of time. How can I incorporate some kind of try catch or other operation that can detect whenever this happens (once again, can happen at any point in the automation it seems) and log me back in to continue?



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You can use global exception handler for this…and when you see any logout screen or keep screen active pop up…you can handle them and then retry from the failed activity directly…the login steps can be done in global exception handler



This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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