Preventing Web-Session Timeout

I have a bot that performs actions on a Website whenever a trigger occurs. The issue is, the Website session logs out the bot automatically if no trigger/activity received after 5 minutes.

So I created a separate workflow loop that clicks around randomly in the site every few minutes. But is there a way to have it click around ONLY IF there hasn’t been a new trigger received within 5 minutes? I want this because I don’t want the click-around stuff to mess with the normal workflow if it’s active.

Instead of clicking around (links/menus I presume), you can use Refresh Browser activity. It will help you to prevent the web-session timeout without moving you from the right page.

Ok thanks. I figured out my initial problem too. I just created a text file to store the last transaction from an activity, then have the “looping” workflow check the difference between system time and the last transaction time. Not sure if it’s the best solution but all I could think of.