Internet Explorer has stopped working blocker

Guys I am running a workflow where in a day I need to access Internet Explorer like 1000 times a day, however at some point after accessing and logging in to a site it throws an error/blocker/popup stating “Internet explorer has stopped working”. How could I toggle this with UI path workflow putting an exception or something.

You can use a Try/Catch activity to handle exceptions. Ideally, the REFramework can be used to have a more robust way of handling errors, but the quick way for updating a small workflow is to wrap your workflow in a Try Catch and handle the exceptions in Catch.

Tried every feasible way, the challenging part is there is no way to create this blocker manually, so even cant use event exist so as to set the selectors, And try catch I tried putting exception for active window,though failed.

I’m not sure what you would do to handle this exception. If a human were processing things, what would the human do? This seems like a case where you wouldn’t be able to complete the task regardless.

We manually need to close this blocker, and reset everything everytime we face this error.I just need a flow where bot will close the blocker by it self.

Does the blocker appear if you just reset everything and ignore the blocker?

Yes randomly out of no where. Bot is processing like 1000 to 1500 tasks and needs to access IE those many times so it crashes.

In that case, why not have your process restart instead of handling clicking on the box directly?

there are near about 1500 tasks, and every task restarts end to end.

But if that’s something that would require a human to restart the task from end to end, there’s still lift in the robot’s speed. However, if you’re trying to avoid having the error altogether, I recommend trying the task with another browser. This may mean updating some selectors, but for the most part should be the same.