How to handle a random popup

Hello everybody,
I have a problem that I would like to solve, and that could help me on many automations that I have in development.

During automated activities on a TOOL WEB, approximately every 25 minutes, the site asks to maintain the connection, with this popup.


Since I can’t pinpoint exactly when it might occur, is there a way to create an “element appear” for example, that acts from bot start to bot end, at any moment?

That is, I would like to have a bot that at any time offers me the popup, is able to manage it without having to interrupt the automation.

Is there a solution please?

Hi @AaronMark

Try using a Global Exception handler. This is for the exact same purpose.Give the handling steps in the global exception handler and when some error comes up this would invoke and will perform steps and we can resume again

Hope this helps


I’m trying to figure out how to use it.
it’s an activity that I don’t know…


You can check this

Its more like you can either end resume or continue or retry according to the exception or the scenario you have


Ok… seen the document and the video.
Sure my inexperience, but I didn’t quite understand how to adapt it on my bot.

You could add a parallel activity into your workflow to click this window in parallel to running the whole workflow

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Hi @AaronMark

So this would be separate workflow so whenever say it fails with this the global handler will get activated and you can run the step of clicking the resume button and then set the execution to continue or retry depending on what you need and the flow continues from the same step again

else as @aquinn pointed you can use a parallel activity with the steps to click but add them in a loop so that it checks multiple times else it will handle once and will not handle after that.


Hi Acquinn…
I looked for info on the Parallel Activity.

if I understood correctly,
on the left I catch the exception, that is, the popup that appears, and perhaps also the dispositive actions (the click) to manage it.

on the right, do I practically insert my workflow?

and if I understand correctly, on the left, how should I set the activity? :
ex: on element appeard - to TRUE and an infinite timeout?

Hi @AaronMark

So on the left set the click property to continue on error and give it in a loop

On the right give all your workflows …so when the right completes it comes out…

Or in parallel you can provide condition. So use it and use a boolean variable on the right side where you give workflow and set the boolean variable at the end of the workflows. So once the condition is true the parallel condition will stop running and move to next step

Hope this helps