Web URL monitoring

I would like to monitor web url that would require window authentication. What’s the best way to handle weburl windows authentication in UIPath

Here is the way…

Thank you and what about to validate if web page is completely open so that i can perform next activity?

If your looking for webpage which is already open and then to continue then use
Attach window/attach browser activity.
If your looking for the entire page is loaded or not/or part of element your looking for loaded or not? then use Element Exist and proceed with next activity

Thank you for quick response. however stuck again…
i am trying to open a webpage link that open popup for windows credential…I can get username and pwd using credential manage and using “Get Credential” in UIpath in some string variable…now how can i pass string variable to window popup…

You can use parallel activity.

Here is the reference .

I mean when we try to open webpage it’s ask for credentials and show window popup to enter credentials.

Ok then manually lunch your browser and wait till popup windows comes then switch back to UiPath Studio
and then use the type into activity and pass the variable you got from "Get Credentials activity.

Thank you…

  1. what need to be done to wait for popup as we don’t know how long it would take? Or it’s also possible that it would not show due to network issues etc.
  2. Has there been any activity to capture screen shots of web page once it open completely.
  3. Need to find how to check if webpage open completely as webpage is very dynamic. we can’t rely on element exist propery. any thoughts on this?

Here goes the approach.
1.If you don’t know how long it will take then you can use On Element Appear activity If it doesn’t show up sometime due to network issue then pass the “True” Boolean value in the property ContinueOnError.
2.Use TakeScreenShot Activity to capture the specific UIElement.
3.first approach use On element vanish(A container that enables you to perform one or multiple actions after a specified UI element vanishes.) indicate reload icon as the target (reload icon apears only when page is completely loaded) .Second approach In the Target property we have option called “WaitForReady.” change the status from "Interactive toComplete.


Thank you… It would be helpful!!

regarding point 3#, somehow on element vanish doesn’t recognize reload icon as the target. tried second approach as well and it’s not working either.

check this out.
Please change the url according to your requirement and test it.
loadpage.xaml (10.8 KB)

PS:Browser :chrome

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thank you, it’s working fine with Image Exists element. Only problem is that, you have hard coded time to load page in code, if webpage load completely with this time then it would find image otherwise not. Can we avoid to hard code time in code, rather than we want to delay until webpage load completely. Not sure why On Element Vanish option not working

Hello Team, Any suggestion on this?

Hi, Does this works for if the browser is not loading and i want it to reload then to continue with the next activity?

Give a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Thanks for the prompt reply! I am really lost and may I know how ImageExist works?

Image Exist Checks if an image is found within the specified UI element.
It returns the boolean as the output which can be used for validating the condition.
if varImagExist=True
Continue with next activity

Default timeout 3sec.


Do you have a sample solution to my question? I am a rookie with uipath. i did smth like this. but i cant upload it here… they say new user cant upload it