How to handle Existing session login problems?

I have a problem when i try to login to an URL. The URL requires login credentials and able to provide user id and password to login. This automatically downloads the file from the URL.

When i run next time due to the existing session it is not showing up the login & password screen and fails due to screen/activity not found exception. How to overcome this problem?

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If you created the flow in the flowchart it will be effective
You can try like this

  • Element exist and indicate on some menu which is constant in the dashboard and save them in a variable “AlreadyLoggedIn” and set timeout as 2000 in the properties
  • Flow Decision and give condition like AlreadyLoggedIn
    • True-> Continue the task steps or logout steps and join the true line to element exists.
    • False-> Login steps and continue your task

So how it will work:

  • First it will check whether the menu item Is available in the opened browser
  • If true as i said you can go with these two steps
    • logout and login again
    • Continue your task without login steps

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Whatever browser you are using first

  1. Use a kill process activity and kill that browser by mentioning the process name property as “Chrome” or “IExplore”

  2. Then use the below sequence of activities to remove the browser cache and then try entering the credentials
    so that you will be again asked with the password every time

For that

If you are using chrome

  1. Use open browser activity to open chrome browser.
  2. pass url as “ chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
    3.It will show pop up to clear cache and just click on thatUntitled

If it’s a internet explorer

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Gunasekaran_Kandasamy

Here is the sample skeleton SS @Gunasekaran_Kandasamy


I am not finding the Element Exist option and could find only “CV Element Exist”. Any idea how i can enable this option ?

could not find Element Exist option and could find only “CV Element Exist”. Any idea how i can enable this option ?

is it possible to perform without any user interaction ?

@Gunasekaran_Kandasamy you need to disable modern design and try again

Refer this link

Modern Design Experience.

Hope this helps



Also you can refer this thread too


Yeah you can with powershell script

Give a try and let us know for further queries

Cheers @Gunasekaran_Kandasamy

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