Regarding IE Pop-up issue


Can any one let me know the process to handle the pop-up window in IE.

Actaully am trying to open a website and login into it with the credentials.

The problem am facing is, when the site loading to open the pop-up is coming up and asking to log the credentails, but couldn’t able to log the credentails.

I have used,

  • Open Browser
  • Inside it attached window to capture the pop-up
  • Inside it type into to log the credentails.

Apprecaite any help on this.



Instead of Attach Window use Attach Browser Activity indicate that pop up window and inside that put all other activities you want to enter credentials.

we can either use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab and use n number of tab key until we reach the field we want and use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with input string alone, without choosing any element.
–then finally use a SEND HOT KEY with key as enter
we can use ATTACH BROWSER and select the whole browser window as @lakshman suggested and inside that container use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY and CLICK ACTIVITY
ensure that we have enabled the SIMULATE TYPE and SIMULATE CLICK in type into and click activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @SauravYadav

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Hi Saurav,

You can check that pop up with element exists. if its true then just add one click to cancel\close that pop up. Later you can enter credentials.

Hi @ SauravYadav,

Can you verify if your pop-up change tittle ? if yes thats your problem use wildCards to refine your title and will work.

GL with your project

Hi All,

Thank you for suggesting the solution, but I have already tried all the mentioned option and then I have posted the query in forum :slight_smile: .

And ultimately I have tried the same process which I have mentioned in the query in downgrade UI path i.e. 2017 and it works in that.

It seems UIPath wanted us to work very hard in developing the process :slight_smile:.