Click URL on first tab of browser, then open new tab, but always switch to first tab automatically

When I click URL on first tab of browser, Uipath can open new tab but swtich to first tab automatically, can not do the following sequences.

Can some one help to solve the issue? thanks.

hi @SimonS

are you using the moder activities? if yes you need to specify again with another use application/browser the new scope to perfom activities

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Hi, @fernando_zuluaga,


It works if using fixed URL, but I need to use for iteration funciont to click each item on the first tab, then open a new tab for some operations each time. that means for each time the URL is dynamic, do not know how to handle it, do you have good idea for it?

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well, so you have your first attach browser with your click activity, then when the new tab is opened, use a new attach browser inside attaching the new tab and perform your activities, when it go out of the second attach browser, it will be able to recognize which particular windows is looking for perfom the activity. Also you can pass a variable in the navigate to activity to open a new window and make it dynamic like that

dunno if its your main idea, let me know or please provide an example to more understanding



Can you explain how to define the varialbles about in_system1_URL, work_items and in_WIID?

HI @SimonS

You can put the variable in the Argument

Have a look on the screenshot

System1_URL + “work-items/” + WorkItem_ID.ToString

@SimonS Please go through the below link


this is an example how its my URL, and if your see the last number is the ID of each page i have to go, i got this in a variable which will change in every transaction, thats why i just passing it and then navigating to new details


Hi @fernando_zuluaga,

it works for pop-up windows on current tab, but can not switch to or get infromation from new tab. due to dymaic URL of different new tab, can not use nevigate to or other function of UiPath now.

did you try to navigate and then use attach browser to get the new window?

can you pass your selector so we can see it

Yes, just can work if input url to naviagate, but for the url of new tab got from click on current tab, hardly to record hundreds of urls…

@SimonS if the URL is dynamic why don’t you make it as wild card

Also, to perform the actions within that page make sure you check the element first then perform actions


Firstly, I added the activity, Use Application/Browser with defined url to open the page in first tab, then added some activities, likes click, etc… there is the name list with button to open new tab, when I caught each name button to open the tab, could not move to each new tab to add some actions, you know, the scope is in the fisrt tab with defined url.
I could not find url relation information of name button, just can see UiPath can click the name button on first tab, and open new tab for each loop, but can not swith to new tab and do some actions, hundreds of names, can not open each one and record the urls manually, it is not robotic and dynamic.
Do you know if UiPah have the function to swtich or catch the url of new tab when the scope in first tab condition?

@SimonS Can you please check the URL of the new tab that you are trying to open for each button. Check the new tab URL for atleast for two buttons and attach the selectors here

Hi @ushu,

2 bottons and new url by clicking each button as below:




Already found the solution, getting url of new tab and using open browser activities.

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