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In UI path if i am login from username password and when i hit enter so it opens new pop up window in which I have to click a function button which opens another pop up window for data entry, but the problem is while I m entering credentials and enter it so when pop up window arrives, so I m using use application browser activity in which he is not getting that window which opened by entering credential, it is opening another window from the same pop up link and saying session expired, kindly help me to get that pop up window which i hit enter during credential so I can press the function inside that window so it can open new pop up window for data entry!!

Hi @Dushyant

The above URL helps in opening all URL’s in a single window

Hi @Dushyant
use multiple “use application browser” activity and set property Open to “if not open” OR “Never”
It will work like Attach browser. Thanks

It’s always opening another window tab which tells session expired but I want to interact on the same window which I gave credential and pop up came, after when I did ur same things,it won’t let me to do it, the same link, its opening in different tab which i don’t want.


To click the pop up you need to use the use application / browser right so while using that please change the properties as mentioned above.


I did step by step what u said but while debugging that or running that it was opening another window with the same url.

I hope u understood.

Now new error came in which it was telling me the image or the blank button which i am giving on selector it’s saying UI element corresponding to this selector.

Hi @Dushyant

Okay try with other option

In properties panel of use application / browser we can see the Output and Input Elements right so please give a variable for the output Element of the first use application / browser and then pass that variable to the second use application / browser as Input Element


Okay but I want to click one image or selector that’s it so it will pop up the data entry window,so why we need to make variable and what should we store,(A clicking option)?

Hey guys!! Thank you all of you.I got the answer from my senior which works with me. Well we can use simply click option and while taking the selector, the problem was while clicking that section or image, it was actually changing the html window name while we go on UI explorer while selecting (edit selector)so senior just took the both same values till they are going or exact values like example it was showing (sds1702290313403)so it was common till 90 afterwards it was changing whenever we were going to login.So we took the constant value and then boom!! It got clicked and opened pop up window for data entry!!

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