Web URL monitoring

I tried using this activity called retry scope. So first i drag out “Retry scope” after linking with the start button.
2. inside the retry scope under action i added " Open browser" and in the condition i uses image exist to captured the part where it say “…DNS Server not found etc”
i have not set the output and variable yet

Retries the contained activities as long as the condition is not met or an error is thrown.
what’s the trouble workflow not working as expected?

As i would like to download some documents from a particular website. and sometimes the website will be down. So i would like UIPath to automatically refresh the browser if such stuff happens.

Sorry I am really new to UIPath…

Hi @pingggggg,

You could use Refresh Browser activity for yout purpose:



Hi @Susana yes i know. but i do not know how to let uipath know only refresh browser when the site failed to load.

I am unsure on how to use the IF activity etc too as well as the variable

This will help you.
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