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Hi. I am new to UIPath. I was doing data scraping , which was successful and saved it as a csv file. Now the problem is When I checked the csv file Ii found that the text I extracted is in a wrong format and also I have missed Next page looping.
So how to modify the text format and also add next page loop inside my already existing Extract Data Container ?

When you click on data scraping option,iut ask to indicate the column value/row value…After indicating it asks if you need to span through multiple pages,you have to accept and click on “next” page link in the table.It could be next/go/etc

And the format,i am not sure what you arer asking for…You can choos ethe type while extracting

Hey Benone thanks for your reply. I guess I was not able to explain my question well.
Let me try again.

  1. Is there any chance of Addition of a new step after data scraping already done ? For example, I did data scraping on a E-Commerce website, took product name and price from the list and finished my scraping. Now after its done I realized, I missed out product rating.
    Now my QUESTION is , can I add that missing step again in my existing data scraping if yes how or if No then whats the solution in such scenario ?

  2. Can I take range of a string while data scrapping ? For example - I have data scrapped a model name which got name as " XYZ Model( 32 GB RAM ). Now what I want is only upto Model , rest string I dont want. How to achieve that during scraping ? And if its not possible during scraping, then whats the solution ?

Hope I am able to make it more clear this time.

  1. If you scrap again the missing column,you end up in one more data table output.Its better to update the first data scraping activity (You get a wizard where you can select all columns or required columns)
    2.Not possible when scraping… You can put the data tabe ouput in a for each row and use string manipulation functions or regex functions to get the value till Model.

eg)System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strr,"(?<=).*(?=[(])").Value will give you value till “Model”

Let me know if it works

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Thank you. I will work on it & let you know.

I am getting this error when adding value to a dictionary and clueless whats going wrong.
Can you please point that out ? Please check the attached screenshot.

You have created dictionary data type as (string,string) and add to dictionary activity is having object as datatype i guess…Remove add to dictionary activity and add again with string datatype…Capture

Hey Thank you. Got it !

Cheers! Happy learning :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

I have also posted this question.

if you know the solution, please let me know !

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