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I am using the Data Scraping tool to do structured data scraping, but when playing the robot, it skips the pages or does not click to the next page, how can I solve?

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Hi @Gilberto

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Are you using the data scraping wizard itself to change the pages automatically? or are you using another set of activities in a loop to change the pages?

Will you be able to share a screenshot / or the xaml file of this so that we can have a look?

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β€”I hope while performing Data scrapping we would have missed out some steps that navigate to the next page
Kindly have a look on this which could help you with the steps

β€”in addition to this we can make sure that the property MaxNumberOfResults is set with more numbers say 500 or more than the number we expect to get as final count of records
And also the property
DelayBetweenPagesMS is set with some time stamp in milliseconds like 2000 (two seconds)
And finally the property SIMULATE CLICK is enabled

For more details on the property of extracted datatable activity

Cheers @Gilberto