Data Scraping and append range

Hi friends,
I have encountered problem on the data scraping in the next page(as shown in circle symbol 1 and so on) and append the collected data in the same xls with the filename in timedate stamp format. e.g abc1_240422_18:05.xls


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May I know what error are getting here while doing Data Scraping ?

Hi Lakshman,

Currently , i’m doing manually for page to page data scraping and save it to a filename without the timedate stamp. Thinking whether I can automate this process as the page symbol is not the (>>)


If possible can you please share the website Url. I will check and let you know.

If you don’t have next page navigator then you need to create dynamic selector by indicating page number button and then need to check whether next page exists or not before doing Data Scraping. If exists then do scraping and use Merge DataTable activity to merge two tables and so on.

Thank you for the prompt reply :slight_smile: Sorry , the website url not able to share out as it is intranet program.

the platform is look like below


Can you please click on Page number 3 and share screenshot of it. Need to check once how it will show next page numbers.

Hello @Perri ,

You can get the last page number and use a While loop. Suppose if the last page number is 3, you will have to create a dynamic selector for the page selection (check the page number, it will be having some values like idx=1,idx=2,idx=3 or similar).


  1. Whileloop x<3 (delclare x as 1)
    2)Click activity (selector be dynamic and pass the value , idx=x;
  2. data scrapping
    4)increment x by 1

:slight_smile: never think of this. I will make a try . thank you.

@Perri Does the web page does not contains this arrow > to navigate to the next page

No. it did not the > . It shows


I have tried to do so but do not know how to do it . Can help

Hello @Perri ,

Here in the selector you can see an attribute called aaname=‘2’, which shows the page number.
So as I mentioned earlier, you do as below.

  1. Whileloop i<=3 (delclare i as 1)
    2)Click activity (selector be dynamic and pass the value , aaname=i; ( so in the selecor of the page number you have give the aaname with the dynamic value “i”.)
    3). data scrapping
    4)increment i by 1

So it will loop through each page and scrap the data.

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My workflow failed at click A activity . Please advise. Thank you.

error msg: Click ‘A #’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@Perri the selector is not valid… in idx attribute value and right click the variable i.

Then it resolve the issue

Sorry, what do you mean the selector is not valid? How to right click the idx attribute?

in the above selector you need to remove tableRow attribute and for aaname value, remove 1 and right click. Then select variable as i

Thank you .

New issues have surface. It can go the 2nd view but not able to do a data scraping . And it stopped at 2nd and not able to proceed to the last view .

Error msg: "Click ‘DIV’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@Perri IS this a table extraction or how are you trying to extract? If the data is present in different pages then you can give a navigation button during datascrapping.

Else explain what are you trying to do.

yes, I’m using data scrapping and the rest of pages are having the same format. my navigation button is
image and I managed to go second page but there is no data in my excel spreadsheet. After 2nd view is not able to go to 3rd view too.
Error msg: “Click ‘DIV’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”


Insteadof this page numbers is there any next button available???
If not, for clicking on the page numbers whats the logic you have used??

Here you will have to use a combination of extract table and click activity(pqge number) to get all the data from pages. When you read a page data, then write that to an excel.