Data modifications after data scraping


  1. Is there any chance of Addition of a new step after data scraping already done ? For example, I did data scraping on a E-Commerce website, took product name and price from the list and finished my scraping. Now after its done I realized, I missed out product rating.
    Now my QUESTION is , can I add that missing step again in my existing data scraping if yes how or if No then whats the solution in such a scenario ?
  2. Can I take a range of a string while data scrapping? For example - I have data scrapped a model name that got name as " XYZ Model( 32 GB RAM ). Now what I want is only upto Model , rest of the string I don’t want. How to achieve that during scraping ? And if it is not possible during scraping, then what’s the solution?

Hope I am able to make my queries clear.

@Tania_Sahu For the First case, You can use Data Scraping again and Correct it :sweat_smile: or I think you can manipulate metadata Property and get the missing data, but i don’t think that’s recommended.
For the Second Case, i don’t htink it’s possible to take only a part of a String from the Datatable values while Data Scraping. But you can Perform String Operations Later after Scraping and Update the Column.


Yeah that what I heard from many,still thought may be there can be some other solutions as well. Anyways thank you.

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