Web Data Scraping Second Level

I have learned about web data scraping using the data scraping wizard, building data table & writing into excel. However I am having difficulty to scrap the second level data from the order list.

After scraping order id, name & date in the main list, I need to scrap the additional info (payment method & product cost) in the second level by click an icon on the main list. The additional info will be displayed in the pop-up window.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

Hi @Deen ,
Step 1 : In second time data scraping, you click on icon (both 1st element and next element). There
you see extract url option. Click on the check box. and you get the Url’s of that icons.

Step 2: Using write range activity, write all the data scraping data.
Step 3: Use For each row in datatable activity, and create a variable where you loop through all the urls. [VariableName = CurrentRow(“Column name”).tostring]
Step 4: Now use get text activity and point on those elements. And last, You need to fine tune the selector.

Hope this help you.
Nirmalya Sarkar.

Hi Nirmalya,
Thank you. I still a newbie with UiPath. I don’t quite understand for Step 4. Is this within For Each Row box?


Hi @Deen ,
Yes, you have to use for each row activity, you have to give the variable name same as you gave when write the icon urls in excel.