Web Scraping Image

Hi I need to scrape info from this page below:

  1. Name
  2. The price
  3. The description
  4. The images

I know how to scrape the name, price and description but how do I scrape the image such that result is in an excel file as found below:

Please find the url to scrape below:

Thanks for helping!

Hi @Yudhisteer_Chintaram1
did u tried to scrap its url ?

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Yes, the url I can get. But then how do I extract the image from the url to be exported in an excel?

@Yudhisteer_Chintaram1 , I’m not sure how to show the image in excel but you can extract the image to local folder and can give the link.

Tip: While saving the images save with product name. So that it will be easily identified.

Here i’ve attached a workflow for you.
Hope it helps.

SaveImage.xaml (11.9 KB)

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