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I need a clear example to show when scrapping data from url and for each photo scrape more data in another page

Hi @sallyhamza188

Suppose you want to scrape data from a website that contains a list of products with their names and links to individual product pages. You want to extract the product names and then navigate to each product’s page to scrape additional details like price, description, and images.

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Let’s say you want to scrape product information from an e-commerce website. You start by scraping the product names and URLs from the main page. Then, for each product, you navigate to its individual page to scrape more details, such as price and description.

Scraping Product Names and URLs from Main Page:

Use the Data Scraping to extract product names and URLs from the main page.

Save the extracted data into a DataTable.

Iterating Through DataTable and Scraping More Data:

Use a For Each Row activity to iterate through the DataTable.

Inside the loop, navigate to the URL of each product.

Use activities like Data Scraping or Extract Structured Data to extract additional information like price and description from the individual product pages.

Save the detailed product data.

Could you plesse tell me how to iterate through products’s url ? I mean how to do it through UiPath?

Sure, you can use Table extraction in UiPath. and extract data as URL as shown in below screenshot.
and then use for each row in datatable loop for iterating that URL and pass TableExtraction data table variable in loop.

check below sample workflow

Sequence.xaml (22.2 KB)