Unable to scrap image from the website

Hi All

I am planning to extract image from the following website - HTML img tag ( Browser Support section). I have followed the steps mentioned in the following URL - Please help with the web data scraping for images - #4 by Yoichi

But I am not able to get the image URL. Please help me.

HI @Karan_Gupta1

from my knowledge

Data scrapiing extracts only text it cannot extract image

you can try take screen (indiacte the element or coordinates) and save image activities to save the image.

have a look here for retrivirng the url:

for downloading the file you can check http request activity or have a look here:


In this case, these images are defined as background-image in css file via class.
So I think it’s difficult to get url directly using scraping.
As workaround, first, make dictionary which key is class name and value is image URL in advance, then scrape its class name (as @ppr mentioned) , convert it to url using dictionary.


we can grab the url with help of following activity:

the css property is: background-image

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