Web browser concept

I need to done a something’s in web browser that is

In one page there is 21 images are there
I need to click each images and extract the data

So how can we achieve this I used datascraping method but I think that’s is not correct way
Someonr tell how we can achieve this in the correct way

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We’re you able to indicate the price amount in that image as a element if that’s the data you want to extract
Or is it a different data to be extracted


The data is I want to click that image means another url is open in that I want to extract total rooms and year built
Like wise I want to click every image and every image is open one url in their I need to take datas

Hi @siva_sankar ,

You can do it in 2 ways.

First method is:
Do Data Scarping of each image and try to get the Extract URL. If you are getting the URL then you can navigate to that URL in “for each data row loop”.

Second Method:
If first method is not working click on the image and see on which value it clicks for the second image? Horizontally or vertically and definitely on some value it will be clicking next image. Find that and pass the value dynamically for click activity.

May be first get the url of all the images with data scrapping and have it in a DATATABLE

Then use a for each row and pass that DATATABLE

Inside the loop use a Open browser activity and pass that url which will open that page
From where you can get the values you want with get text activity which you can write back to excel with add DATAROW


I am passing the variable by dynamically
But it’s clicking the same image 21 times

I don’t know why???

I am trying to do datascraping but url is not displaying in that scraping

Is it possible to share the webURL?

It is compass.com

     In that search bar you can give newyork and search

Hi @siva_sankar,

I tried both the methods which i suggested to you. But it can’t be possible to get the url or to click on next with the available activities. So I found a method where you can get the urls from that page

Use webclient and download the html content. Then extract url from text which you got.

I’ve attached the workflow for downloading the html content. As I’m not good at regex i didn’t extract the URL from text. Hope you can find a way to get it .

ForumCompass.xaml (9.0 KB)

You can find in downlaoded text for url which will looks like below
“url”:“170 East 78th Street, Unit 8F, Manhattan, NY 10075 | Compass

you can loop it for all the pages by navigating to url by passing the page no. If you can’t make it for pagination let me know will give solution.


I tried to get the url and getting the page navigation but it’s not work properly again it will be struck with first images after its not doing any process.

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Hi @siva_sankar ,

Are you able to extract the urls from downloaded text file?