Scrapping images from HTML tables and save to excel sheet/datatable

How to scrape images from HTML tables and store them into datatable and further write it to an excel sheet where I can see the tables along with the images in respective cells. (I am trying to scrape the complete table “Countries and dependencies by area” along with images in this webpage List of countries and dependencies by area - Wikipedia)

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Thanks Peter , I wish to show the image in the datatable(or excel sheet) too not only the link of the image , like this one

use link
download the pix temporarly
use activities to add it to Excel after writing the data

for downloading give a try on on HTTP Request activity or have a look here:

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Thanks Peter, solved my problem using your approach.
I had another idea(doubt) can I add the images as blob file in the datatable and finally write it to the excel sheet by rendering the blob to images[this will be much faster than the present solution, if possible]

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