Extraction of images of all products

I have the following case. I must do a data scraping of elements in amazon I want to extract the images of each product and put them in a DT

what you can do is get all the image links, with data scrapping, select the imagem and done

Ok, how do I insert them into an excel?

when you create an data scrapping the output variable is an datatable, use the activity write range for insert the data into your excel

does not work with images

only works with image link(url)

Hi @alexis.mendoza

When you data scrape the images it will ask for two options i.e URL and text. Click on URL. then you can pass through hyperlink in excel.

Hope it helsp!!

Hi @alexis.mendoza

While extracting the tabular data, change the setting preference of the image to url.so,that all the images will get into png format and then write into excel

Hope it helps!!