Need help on Saving file using SAve as option in uipath?

Needs to download a file from a web application in edge browser. Element is not clicking properly while clicking save as button. Not stable as well. Kindly help me if anyone has the solution.

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Hi @ilak.2894 could you show us the selector for save button.



You can build the selector using UiExplorer and check for reliable tag

Hope this may help you


Hi @ilak.2894 ,

if your click activity does not work you might wanna give send Hotkeys activity a try.

I had that same issue working with Save As button.

Hope this helps.

Happy automating.

Thank you for your solution. I cannot use Hot keys which are not in our project framework. Please let me know if it works in any other way.

Built in Ui Explorer only. But no result.

Please find the attachment for Save as Element.

@ilak.2894 if possible show the save as button as well .

Hi @ilak.2894,

Could you also show us the Properties of the Click activity ?

If you haven’t Checked it with SendWindowMessages Option yet, Please do check and let us know if it works.