Unable to click Save Button showing in popup window

After I click ‘Excel’, some seconds later, there will popup a window which I need to continue to click ‘Save’ button. Maybe as the internet speed issue, sometimes it can’t work well. I added a ‘Delay’ activity, but it still often failed. I’m a Uipath new starter, so I’ll appreciate if you could tell me the solution in detail. Thanks in advance.


Try with Sending Hotkey as Enter So it may automatically works without clicking Save Button

Actually I have to click the drop-down list to choose ‘Save as’ :wink:

Try below individual options
1)Take recording options
2)Click activity press F3 select region
3) Click activity press F2 delay and immediately click your drop-down

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Sorry, do you mean I should do below steps?
1)Take recording options
Click ‘recording’ in studio—> select ‘Excel’ on web—> waiting until the popup window appears
2)Click activity press F3 select region
Click F3 to select the popup window’s region
3) Click activity press F2 delay and immediately click your drop-down
Click F2 and click ‘save as’

Please check above attached solution it is same what your looking

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@XiaShiJie, Hi

Maybe try use the Element Exists Activity that checks if the pop up with save button is available and then underneath that use a while loop and the condition could be ElementExists = False and then underneath the while loop use the click activity.

What this will do is, while the pop up with the save button has not yet appeared it will keep looping around it will only exit the while loop once the pop up appears and then it will move to click activity.

This might be confusing and i am willing to try and explain further, let me know if it helps.


I have a test below. I use the Do While Activity and Log message to get the Element Exist’s value, but failed. The Log message shows ‘True’ immediately before the ‘Save’ appears :sob: Did I do something wrong?



Are you facing issue with this?

Omkar P

Sorry, I’m a new starter and not familiar with Uipath. I think the result should be ‘True’ only when it found the ‘Save’ button…

No worry we will help you :grinning:

Try like below

  1. Take Image Exists it will return Indicates if the image exists or not. The field supports only Boolean variables.
    2)Put if condition
  2. Inside if click arrow button

@XiaShiJie, you will need to exactly like the above but put the if activity inside a do while loop so if its false it keeps on iterating nd checking until true.

Thank to all. I resolve this issue by using the Element Exist Activity and a While loop.

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