Web Excel style format with 2 anchor items and 2 witch i need to fill with info


I am new to RPA and Uipath and i have some problems with one of my process.
I want to fill those white spaces via CSV file from my PC.
All good…but here comes the tricky part.

My website uploads weekly 2-3 rows… And if i don’t depend on the first 2 columns my values will not be ok.

How to anchor my values to the first 2 columns?
And if 1 row it’s deleted or 2 rows are beeing uploaded my values will still be ok?

Thank you very much!
And sorry for my bad typing english i just read not type in english.


Hi welcome to the community!
How does your csv file look like?

Hi, Thank you!

Here it is how it’s look like


oh ok, then you do have the values the same as in the web site, i imagine you will need to find both columns to be the same so anchor cannot do it…
You need to get the selector for both column 1 and 2 of the website and discover what needs to be dynamic so you can loop for every row until you find the right one.

It can be just 1, but it must be the first one.
Does it helps inf finding the solution?

Yes, you can then try to use Anchor Base and use the first column value and then and type into for each of the columns to see if it can find.

Thank you so much!

I will try to find the way myself from here.
If i encounter problems, can i pm you or something?

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