Reading the column of csv file and using it to search online. And ignoring the first column from the csv

Hi everyone,
I am new to UiPath so kindly help me. I am trying to figure out the solution from this video. RPA Tutorial for Beginners | RPA Training Using UiPath | UiPath Training Online | Edureka - YouTube

I have understood most of it but the problem I am facing is - stock variable was not mentioned so I made it Ienumerable. when I am trying to get the price of each company it is taking the first column of the csv too. How should I move past it ??

Kindly help me in this since I am new to automation I am unable to resolve this project.

If there is anything else that was not mentioned do let me know so that I will be able to understand it correctly.


@ashishguptain01 I didn’t get your question. will more clear screenshot like that.

@Manjuts90 Currently I am unable to provide the screenshot. However, were you able to get the solution as the hands on in the video suggests ??

If you will check the video link in my previous post, there is a csv file named stock and in that she has mentioned number of stock column and 7 company names in next columns.
Now as the project runs, first the data was read and then while searching the company name online, the company name was searched with “prices of” tag. However when I am trying to do the same, it reads the number of days column and not the next ones.

The instruction in the video were not complete and I am trying to figure out what should I do to get the results.

Ashish Gupta.