New Project - CSV Question

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could help me with my project. I am very new to UIPath and trying to follow some of these older videos is very hard.

Im trying to make a workflow where it reads my CSV file then fills a form on my CRM website
Right now I have reading the CSV, doing a for each row, then into the recording of me opening the website and going to the form I want. I get this far but I dont think I understand the For Each Row Completely. Im having probelms calling back the Info for the fields. It wont accept, testRow(“Address”).ToString as output to the form. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!!


testRow is the item of your forEach? Maybe post a bit of your code, but fro mwhat I understand you have a couple of issues, for example I wouldn’t use a recording.
This is how I would do it:
First get your data from the cv.
Then open the browser and navigate to the form
In the do of your open browser activity loop your datatable with a for each
In the for each use a typ into for each formfield (use item(“WantedValue”) for the text property
a click event to hit the button of the form to process it
once out of your loop close the browser