Issues with filling out a web table because of identical elemants

I have a web table I am trying to populate with data that looks like this. I can populate the first row because I am using the “Capability Start Date” and “Enrollment Start Date” as anchors. However, I can’t seem to get these dates to populate down for rows 2 and 3 because the fields look so identical. I have tried numerous combinations of Anchors, using the “Capability Start Date” in conjunction with “Capacity Reduction” and “FFR” as secondary anchors, but UiPath still thinks I am trying to populate that first field with a type into.

There should be three dates populated under both the “Capability Start Date” and “Enrollment Start Date” (6 total). I can only ever get UiPath to fill out the first row for each.

How do I fill out web tables like this that have identifiers for rows and columns, but not obvious anchors UiPath can use to identify them?

Thanks in advance!

Why not anchor them to the rownumber itself?

How are you storing the values, in individual variables? Looping through a datatable? Some other way?

The elements cannot be identical. It’s impossible. In general your selector for what you’re filling in needs to include the tableRow attribute. You could use a counter to control which tableRow you’re filling in, use Get Attribute to get the tableRow of the Grid Service Name, Capacity Reduction… etc boxes and then use that value in your Type Into selector, use Find Children, For Each UI Element…

But to give you accurate advice we need more details about what you’re doing. Where are the values coming from, how are you storing them, etc.

Take screenshots and paste them into a reply so we can see your existing code and have an idea what you’re doing.

Sorry for the late response. Been super busy.

The values are just stored in a data table. It’s a simple “Hey see this date, plug it in for this record” I can’t really provide a ton more screen shots because its proprietary, but basically I navigate to this part of the webpage for each record (person) that I want to do the action to (fill out the date in those 6 fields I mentioned). This is looping through a data table. As I stated, the date is the same for all 6 fields, I just can’t seem to get it to populate more than those first two.

This is the specific code I am using for the first two fields. When I try to anchor it to both the Capacity Start Date and the “Capacity Build Agg” it doesn’t find it. Still only finds that first field

Could you explain more on how I might do this?

What’s in your datatable? Show the columns and row data. Dummy it up if you have to.

In general anchors aren’t going to work. You want to use tableRow and tableColumn in the selector to control which box it types into. Depending on what you’re doing, if it needs to be dynamic, you can get tableRow from the pulldown on the left with a Get Attribute, and tableColumn from the column header with a Get Attribute.