RPA Challenge

I don’t understand the RPA challenge - maybe a language problem. I understood that the data of the excel sheet should be typed into the right ones on the application site and that the fields will change after each submission. But what’s the aim of this? 100% in each round? And then: In order to achieve this I set an anchor for each field - even for the submit button - but it didn’t work. I have no idea why not because doing the same - setting anchors - in Gmail in week 1 worked perfectly. I also cannot open the solution presented.

Hi @Mariele_Oosting - yould you be able to attach your workflow? I will take a look!

I try to integrate the screenshots here:

I suppose that the anchors create the problem. I set two anchors for each field but got only 12% right. To be honest I have no clue how to define the anchors. I took the name belonging to the empty field and then any other element which I attended to be stable.