I am testing Uipath

Hi I am testing Uipath during my internship, and I have faced a bit of a problem. I found a tutorial on youtube, where a user is using the webrecorder to type in information on a website. He is then selecting a csv file, where the data from the csv file is to be uploaded on the webpage.

The webrecorder did not work for me for some reason, so I used an other method. Then I made a CSV file, and I tried to get Uipath to upload the data to a website, but it throws an error in the “for each row”.
I have made a variable, but I cant seem to make it work(I made it as a datatable)

Can someone help me figure this one out?

Here is the video I watched: Web Data Entry Automation. CSV to Salesforce - UiPath Studio - YouTube

Hi @Kekth,

Nice to hear that you have an interest to learn Uipath.

It will be better if you can upload your workflow or a screenshot of your error. It will give us more clue to diagnose the error.

Happy Automation!! :smile: hanks,

I cannot upload anything because I am a new user. It wont even let me insert a sreenshot.


Now I get this image? The website I am using is up and running, so I dont know why its not valid?

Please check the selector again.

What am I looking for in the selector?

This is what it looks like now. I think I read, that you cannot have an element, and a selector at the same time. If it is the element as in the picture, which is the problem, then I dont know, What I have to type in as variable?

Hey, I am not getting what error you have.
Please find the sample code i have attached and follow that accordingly.
ExcelDataFetch.zip (8.0 KB)

You can replace the message boxes with type into activity and in typeinto activity just pass the variables.